Founded in 2010, VOID.PL offers businesses bespoke solutions. Our teams are experienced, efficient and enthusiastic. We work close with our customers, giving access to all relevant resources. Thanks to that the tailored solutions we offer match our customers’ needs. We strongly believe in transparent approach in every aspect of business communication. This, from our experience, earns trust and respect of our customers.
We encourage our teams to go the extra mile when delivering solutions and supporting our customers. We understand that the growth of our customers’ businesses demands having and we always offer an agile, helping hand. We think outside the box, we ask the questions, we analyse our customers’ input. We share our opinions and knowledge.
We brainstorm the ideas with our customers and we create solutions towards our customer’s goals. Our teams are approachable and creative and proactively monitor the state of our customer’s IT infrastructure. We are the Ops for Hire. We offer both remote and onsite support to our customers. Our experienced teams provide systems support, network support and code development.


We work with:

  • B1 Secure Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
  • Audix Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • FatDisco Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • ABC Gamers Ltd (United Kingdom)

Companies associated with VOID Group:

  • VOID.PL (Poland)
  • VOID.PL LTD (United Kingdom)
  • Audix Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • B1 Secure Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
  • FatDisco Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • ABC Gamers Ltd (United Kingdom)

Our products:

  • Smart DNS Proxy
  • Audix



We focus on outsourcing our skills to customers in need of standard and bespoke, often uniquely tailored, solutions. Our employees form agile, experienced, creative and approachable teams responsible for managing simple and complex projects for our customers. We create high level designs of systems and networks, evaluate existing solutions and offer consultancy services. We also provide software and API development resources. By working closely with our customers, we create understandable, scalable setups. We educate customers, we are happy to answer our business partners’
questions regarding the latest solutions available on the market. This helps creating a unique bond that is beneficial for both parties and helps our business expand. And that means more resources for our current and future customers. We provide post-deployment support, giving it a pro-active touch. We are also happy to take on any service monitoring and alerting. On top of that we also do ad-hoc support for many customers. We do in-house and cloud solutions. We do all Linux and Windows flavours. We make sure the services run smoothly regardless of the underlying platform.
We are experts in AWS, Google, VMware, Xen and OpenStack platforms. We make sure network packets are transmitted to your expectation on Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, Mikrotik or any other network device. Our on-line services are co-located in all major data centres around the world, spanning from Los Angeles, through New York, London to Melbourne, offering very rigid SLAs to match the needs of any contemporary business. Oh... and we are DevOps Culture evangelists, if you have not figured it out yet.



Smart DNS Proxy

An advanced global DNS/Proxying/VPN system giving you the opportunity to virtually travel to remote locations, and allowing the access to geographically-restricted content. The robust network provides a secure access for private and business use. For more information visit https://smartdnsproxy.com.



Efe Cakinberk, CEO

Global Stealth, Inc (Seychelles)

Fantastic experience - better than leaving your company in the hands of the most trustable best friend. Working with VOID.PL has been the success all happened with the VOID.PL support. I don't think that we could ever achieve this without them.